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April 2018

by admin on 18th April 2018 in Blog

Snow in March, snow at Easter, what is happening with the weather? Hoping that the sun will come out soon, my little girl is desperate to get out and play in the garden.

Easter has already been and gone and lots of chocolates have been eaten. At Partyman World we have a Pirate theme this Easter break. We are doing pirate themed balloon models and faces painting that are free of charge. It’s been great as the staff are getting really involved getting dressed up to make the experience an even better one.

I have also planned out this month with my contractors a new food counter for our venue in Oxford. The wooden rustic look is our new identity and I am very excited about this improvement. We have already installed this look at our venues in Braintree, Ipswich and Wembley.

Aaron Othman
Managing Director
Daddy of Amelie

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