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Terms & Conditions

We kindly ask you to read and understand the following Terms and Conditions that apply when booking any party at a Partyman World of Play:

You are required to pay a £60.00 deposit in order to secure your Party Booking. Until your deposit is received your party can be declined.
Once your £60.00 deposit has been paid, you are accepting all Party Booking Terms and Conditions.
The balance of your party will be payable on the day of your party, usually one hour after the party booking has commenced.
The party organiser must become a member of Partyman World of Play before making a party booking. The registration fee will be waived.
Partyman World of Play reserves the right to change the content of any party booking.
If you choose to cancel your party booking your deposit is non-refundable and must be notified by a phone call to the relevant venue. We DO NOT accept emails as a form of Party cancellation.
All cancellations must be notified within 10 days prior to your party, otherwise you will incur a 50% cancellation fee.
If you wish to transfer your party booking to a different date and/or time, you will be required to pay a £20.00 transfer charge at the time of doing so.
By booking a party, you are agreeing to our Rules of Play, which can be found on our website
The party organiser should inform Partyman World of Play of any food allergies, so that we can discuss various options if applicable.
If you are booking an Adult VIP Party, we will require a £300.00 holding cheque before the start of the party. This will not be cashed but is held until the end of the Party Booking.

On Your Party Day

The party organiser should arrive 10 minutes before the start of your party booking to greet your guests. All party guests go through to the Party Room together promptly at the beginning of your party.
If you have been given a Free Family Membership when booking your Party, you will be required to fill out a Membership Form on the day of the party, so that you can re-visit any of our venues in the future.
Please ask all guests to wear suitable long sleeved clothing when using our facilities – particularly our slides! All guests MUST wear their smelly socks during their entire visit or they cannot play.
If your guests wish to bring in extra siblings to the party that are not party guests, they will need to pay the full admission prices applicable.
No outside food (except birthday cakes), drinks or decorations/theming are to be brought into our playcentres under any circumstances. Decorations purchased direct from the playcentres or from our website are permitted (please advise a member of staff if you have ordered from so that we can verify your purchase).
We would like to assure you that upon signing your Membership Forms, under no circumstances are your details passed onto Third Party Companies or Services. We take your privacy very seriously.
It is compulsory for all parents and guardians to supervise their child(ren) at all times for the duration of their Party at Partyman World of Play. Partyman World of Play cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents that occur due to unsupervised play.

Rules of Play

Partyman World of Play cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur as a result of using the facilities.
Partyman World of Play encourage boys and girls, mums and dads, nans and grandads and the rest of the family to have fun, play, run free and explore in a safe environment. But as you all know this fun does sometime inherent some risks. These include tripping, falling, bumping into fixed objects and also other children. Partyman World of Play has taken every reasonable step to control these risks through design, maintenance and carefully monitored risk assessments. However, it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely and parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk upon signing their registration forms.
It is the responsibility of parents/guardians (aged 18+ years) to supervise and accompany children for the full duration of their time at Partyman World of Play with a ratio of 1:5 adult to children.
ALL children may only use the facilities if accompanied by a responsible adult (aged 18+ years).
No smoking or chewing gum on the premises please.
Children are advised to wear suitable clothing i.e. trousers and long sleeved shirts to minimise injury.
Jewellery is worn at your own risk. If you are wearing glasses, particular care should be taken.
NO FOOD OR DRINK is to be taken onto the play structure or any of the facilities.
Management reserve the right to refuse entry.
All height and age restrictions imposed by the management MUST be adhered to at all times.
Parents/guardians MUST ensure that children do not become overheated.
Children who are unwell should NOT use the equipment.
During really busy times, play sessions will be restricted to TWO HOURS.
No running around the outside of the play i.e. near cafe or toilets.
Only food and drink bought on the premises may be consumed in Partyman World of Play, with the exception of baby food and other products at the manager’s discretion.

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